Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let's Talk Orange Kitchen Decor!

Since I do so much online talking about this one topic, I figured I'd go ahead and start a whole new blog to bring it all together.  It all started with one little Orange Kitchen Decor web page and boy, have I expanded beyond all that since then!

Thing is, talking about orange accessories and wall colors and decorating ideas is SO much fun for me!   With, what?  Over 100 various shades of orange and TONS of cool things to do to make your kitchen unique, it's a topic that I can't see me running out of things to talk about.

Heck, I even started talking about orange vacuum cleaners!  Yes, there are a lot of great vacuum cleaners out there in!

I already have a Facebook Page just for orange kitchen decorating ideas - feel free to stop by and "like" it.  I try to update it often with cool orange goodies and ideas for your kitchen.  There's even a kitchen word search puzzle there - see if you can find all 10 words I have hidden.

I also have an Orange Kitchen Decor Pinterest Board.  I LOVE pinning  neat pictures of orange ideas that I come across online.

Here's a beautiful orange kitchen picture I pinned recently:

Gorgeous orange kitchen, isn't it?  I just love that wallpaper and lightning fixtures combined with the burnt orange cabinets.  Quite stunning!

These are the things I'll be talking about here and sharing with you.  Please come back - I'll be updating often!


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